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Konstantin Lapshin

       concert pianist

                                     Beethoven Sonata in A - flat major op.110 live from St James´s Piccadilly, London (Beethoven Piano Society of Europe), November, 2020

                                                                            Clarendon Events: Konstantin Lapshin Piano Recital 'Music of the Stars' (07/07/2019)

Rachmaninov Variations on a theme of Corelli op.42 live from the festival 'Yamaha presents', Moscow

Rachmaninov Concerto no. 3 with Mikhail Pletnev and Odessa Philharmonic

Konstantin Lapshin in Serbia Pt. 2

EIDOS TRIO at  Wigmore Hall / Bartok

EIDOS TRIO at Wigmore Hall / Bartok

Schumann Kreisleriana (Classical Records CD)

                                                               Rachmaninov Sonata no.2 Paris, March 2016. The concert concert for 'LES AMIS DE MARIE-LAURE' society

                                                             Sibelius Piano Pieces op.76 Paris, March 2016. The concert for 'LES AMIS DE MARIE-LAURE' society

                                                             Scriabin Etude op.8 No.12 (encore),live from 'Chamber Music in Little Venice' London, 23 January 2015

                                                Scarlatti Sonata in B minor K.27, Brahms Intermezzo op. 116, Rachmaninov Sonata no. 2 (Tromso, 'Top of the World')

                                                                                Rachmaninov Polka de WR  from St Mary's Perivale, London, November ,2012